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22 Apr 2013 (Updated )

This model presents the analysis and simulation using Simulink of a three-phase four wire system.

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File Information

Due to the wide spread of power electronics equipment in modern electrical systems, the increase of the harmonics disturbance in the ac mains currents has became a major concern due to the adverse effects on all equipment. This model presents the analysis and simulation using Matlab Simulink of a three-phase four wire neutral clamped active power filter (APF) compensating the harmonics and reactive power created by nonlinear balanced and unbalanced low power loads in steady state and in transients. The usefulness of the simulation approach to APF is demonstrated so APF designers have a better insight using Matlab Simulink in order to develop new APFs.

Required Products Simscape Power Systems
MATLAB release MATLAB 7.8 (R2009a)
Other requirements WINDOWS XP AND ABOVE, MIN RAM 512 MB
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Comments and Ratings (15)
13 Apr 2016 Kyon

Kyon (view profile)

its missing the discrete butterworth filter
and the link u replied with isnt working

03 Apr 2016 murugan ways

yes .. thank you mr.Amit sir.. it works perfect.. am using matlab 7.8 (R2009a)version...

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07 Dec 2014 piyush

piyush (view profile)


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12 Sep 2014 SNEHA JOSE

how can i generate sine and cos function from a pll block

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06 Mar 2014 iiranican iiranican

it's not work

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11 Oct 2013 andyka bangun

please ..i do need this subject for my final project, i alredy make in d-q teory but the result not change, current and power after filter still higher than no filtered


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09 Oct 2013 andyka bangun

with load 1KW current must be 5A and 220VOLT but your program current running 1000A, current increase masively, can i know why this happen??

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15 Aug 2013 Muhammad Jawwad Iqbal  
15 Aug 2013 Muhammad Jawwad Iqbal

Check out SAPF for 3 phase 4 wire systems.

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19 Jul 2013 Muhammad Jawwad Iqbal

check out the above link
working sapf with thd below 5%

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15 Jun 2013 ARUN SHANKAR

It is working but the THD of the source current remains 28.61 %. By IEEE standards it should be below 5%. Provide your suggestion to this id I will send those source current waveforms and the THD% VALUES for the same to your mail id.

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27 May 2013 Amit Tiwari this link may be helpful@vinod

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25 May 2013 vinod tejwani

Failed to find 'Discrete Control Blocks/Discrete 1st-Order Discrete Filter' in library 'powerlib_extras' referenced by 'active_filter/Rectifier Control/Current Regulator PI/Discrete 1st-Order Discrete Filter T=1ms' can you provide some solution?

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18 May 2013 Amit Tiwari

Bt it is wrkng in my system @utkal...plz tell wt error is it showin

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18 May 2013 Utkal Ranjan Muduli

this is not working ...
please modify and post it again.


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19 Jun 2013 1.1

with reference to the suggestions and feedbacks provided by the users the program has been updated.please have a check and apologies for mistakes

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