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Modelling and Simulation of Kuka kr6 robot.

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A fully working Matlab Simulation of KUKA KR6 robot with Direct kinematic Parameters is done.



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We have successfully modelled a commercial industrial robot,found the kinematics parameter and made programs to simulate motion and manipulate the joint on individual basis. KUKA KR6 is a commerical superlative fast excellent robot for carrying light and medium capacity load.

Here the user can easily change the input angles and can easily observe the change in position and orientation of the tool.

Such kind of modelling is very useful for pre-deployment analysis or robot efficiency in specific scenarios, as well as for research and educational purposes.

This is also cost effective and saves on both hardware cost as well as on maintainence and repair cost.

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MANIT Bhopal

jing luo


SU Jin Ji

Thank you so much!!

This is amazing!!!


Great Job GUYS


Wei (view profile)

Rohit Mishra

Any correction, modification or help in further development of the program by anyone would be highly appreciated.
Also I you have doubt in any part of the program please ask here or mail
Rohit Mishra <>.

Phuong Dao

Thank you so much!!! This is extremely helpful for me.

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