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Image Quality - Index Analysis GUI

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Image Quality - Index Analysis GUI



29 Apr 2013 (Updated )

This GUI measures the image quality/error between 2 or more images (original,test1/test2/.../testn).

function [m mav] = mean3(x)

% Outputs vector m, containing N means, where N is x's 3rd dimension.

% 10/12/2012 Version 1.0

% Author: Aristidis D. Vaiopoulos

% Find 3rd dimension
nb = size(x,3);
% Preallocate
m = zeros(size(x,3),1);
% 2D Means for each 3rd dimension 
for b = 1:nb
    m(b) = mean2(x(:,:,b));

mav = mean(m);


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