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A cavitation algorithm

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Matlab routines solving a linear complementarity problem appearing in lubrication with cavitation



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A matlab script solving a linear complementarity problem:
A*u = f + B*eta, u'*eta=0, u>=0, 0<=eta<=1
appearing in lubrication with cavitation.

The script depends on LCPSolve.m also found at the matlab file central:

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The maximum number of pivots passed to LCPSolve is no specified as the number of degrees of freedoms N, to make sure that the pivoting is not prematurely truncated.


Fixed spelling of title:
Was: A cavitation alogrithm
Should be/is now: A cavitation algorithm


Updated the expressions for boundary conditions by subtracting the cavitation pressure pc:
uL1 = exp((pL1-pc)/beta)-1;
uL2 = exp((pL2-pc)/beta)-1;

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 8.0 (R2012b)

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