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Identification red objects in live video

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This function allows to identify red objects in live video, and painting them .

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%% Operating Instructions
To paint the color red object we vote to act as follows:

* Red - redobject(1)
* Green -redobject(2)
* Blue - redobject(3)

%% Play and exit:

* To start the video: click on the Play button.
* To exit from the function: Display to the camera very dark image ,
for example you can shelter the camera with your hand,
Or turn off the light in the room.After doing so
The Camera and function should be closed automatically.

%% Notes

The identification of red objects in the picture depends on the lighting of the room.
Lighting Fluorescent light is the most appropriate lighting to this function to identify red objects.

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Haim (view profile)

Ale Marco

Hi! How i can create a virtual painting based on your code? Please help me.

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