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twimshow - display and quickly switch between input images/ video sequences

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twimshow provides an easy way to quickly compare two or more images or image sequences



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You will find twimshow useful if you often need to compare images or image sequences.
Unlike standard imshow, twimshow accepts multiple input images/videos and allows to quickly switch between them.

Usage examples
twimshow({im1 im2 ... imN})
twimshow(im1, [low high]) - equivalent to imshow (im1, [low high])
twimshow({im1 im2 ... imN}, [low high])
twimshow({im1 im2 ... imN}, {[low1 high1] [low2 high2] ... [lowN highN]})

See the file more options.

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Color images are not supported. They are treated as sequences of 3 images.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7 (R14)

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