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Imports curves from pictures and graphs



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img2curve helps import data from a graph in a photo file, received from a
scan, catalog, pdf etc. by marking points on the curve.
Output will include the marked points and a polynomial fit.
Work flow:
1. Load image file.
2. Mark scale size for X and Y axis.
3. Set a value for a point on the image (0,0 or other) to locate CS.
4. Mark curve points.
5. Export to mat file, excel or work space.

Good luck,
Amihay Blau

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Felix (view profile)

Great tool, but there is an error when trying to run it in R2016b. To fix it, go on line 122 and change it to: "CData', zeros([0,0,0])"
zeros has to be a three dimensional matrix.

Thomas Vanaret

Thomas Vanaret (view profile)

Very convenient and easy to use. Nice work

Kevin J. Delaney

Fantastic! Just what I was looking for.
Easy to use right out of the box.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.14 (R2012a)

Inspired by: Convert FIG to MATLAB code

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