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Projectile Motion in Weak Gravitational Field,(g=3.71 m/s²)

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Simulation of triple projectile in weak gravitational field (Mars ).



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In this program, we simulate the trajectories of three projectiles in gravitational field g=3.71 m/s² ( Mars Planet), the constant is computed using the formula :g=G*M/r²
with :
M=6.4185e+23 : Mass in Kg
r=3396.2e+3 : Radius in m
G=6.67384e-11 : Gravitational constant
in m^^-1.s^-2

The initial conditions are :
theta=[15 23 34] : angles
V0=[40.5 50.6 60.32] : velocities.

In the simulation, classical equations are derived to compute the X range, Y max and the trajectories Xi,Yi with no friction.

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MATLAB 7.4 (R2007a)

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