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Medical Image Processing Toolbox

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Medical Image Processing Toolbox


Alberto Gomez (view profile)


Classes and functions for N-dimensional medical image processing, inspired by ITK

m =read_CubitMesh(filenameFacets,filenameTESS)
function m =read_CubitMesh(filenameFacets,filenameTESS)
% Function for reading a mesh in a Visualization Toolkit (VTK) format
% mesh  = read_vtkMesh(filename);
% examples:
%   mesh=read_vtkMesh('volume.vtk');
%   mesh would be of the class MeshType

points = importdata(filenameFacets,' ',1);
triangles= importdata(filenameTESS,' ',1);

m = MeshType();
m.points =;
m.npoints = size(,1);
m.ntriangles= size(,1);


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