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Point cloud normal vector

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NORMND computes the vector normal to points in an N-D point cloud



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normnd(DATA) computes the vector normal to the N-dimensional sample
    point locations in DATA. DATA is defined as an MxN matrix where M is
    the number of samples. Each column contains the sample locations in
    each of the orthogonal dimensions in N-dimensional space
        % Compute the normal vector to 3-D sample points
        data = randn(20,3);
        % Bias the normal vector toward the Z-axis
        data(:,3) = data(:,3)./10;
        v = normnd(data);
        % Plot
        figure; scatter3(data(:,1),data(:,2),data(:,3));
        hold on; quiver3(mean(data(:,1)),mean(data(:,2)),mean(data(:,3)),v(1),v(2),v(3))
    See also: cov, eig.

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