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Function to patch files a la the UNIX patch utility from unified diff files using pure Matlab.

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 This is a Matlab implementation of the unix patch utility, though
 not fully featured. It currently only works on unified diff text
 files, ie, the files created by "diff -u old new" and is not POSIX
      mypatcher( file_to_be_patched, patch )
      patched_text = mypatcher( ... )
      [patched_text, info] = mypatcher( ... )
      mypatcher(..., output_file)
      MYPATCHER( file_to_be_patched, patch ) takes a unified diff file
         specified by patch and applies it to file_to_be_patched.
         The resulting file is output to file_to_be_patched.patched
         as well as output to the screen. file_to_be_patched must be
         a text file, not binary. mypatcher does not check whether the
         surrounding text matches.
      patched_text = mypatcher( ... ) puts the changed text in
         patched_text instead of displaying and outputting to file
      [patched_text, info] = mypatcher( ... ) also includes some info
         about the patch file hunks and file_to_be_patched.
      mypatcher(..., output_file) uses output_file instead of
         file_to_be_patched.patched as the output destination.
      file_to_be_patched - Name of the file to be patched. Cannot be a
         binary file
      patch - Name of the patch file to apply. Must be a unified diff
      output_file - Name of the file to output to. Will be erased if it
         already exists.
      patched_text - A string containing the result of applying the
         patch file to the input file.
      info - A struct containing the input file as a whole string and
         line-by-line in a struct and the hunks of the patch file in a
         different struct along with the hunk header information.
      Given the files 'file.old' and '' we can find the updates
           %>diff -u file.old > file.patch
      We can now run mypatcher to get a patched version of 'file.old'
      like so:
      Wikipedia Diff Article

Required Products MATLAB
MATLAB release MATLAB 7.13 (R2011b)
Other requirements Will probably work on lower versions of Matlab as well.
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