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Grassmannian Design Package

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This software can be used to generate Grassmannian line/subspace packings

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This package can be used to generate Grassmannian line/subspace packings. The current version is able to generate the following:
1- Complex Grassmannian Line packing
2- Complex Grassmannian Line Packing with Constant Modulus
3- Line Packings with Defined Alphabet.
4- Complex Grassmannian Subspace Packing with Fubini Study distance metric

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Ahmed (view profile)

Grassmannian Line Packings with Defined Alphabets (QPSK) have been added. Visit :!packings/c1kh7

for results and downloading codebooks.


Ahmed (view profile)

More codebooks ready for downloading had been added. Please visit!packings/c1kh7
for updates.


Ahmed (view profile)

If you are interested in downloading codebooks designed for maximizing the minimum Fubini Study distance, go to!subspacepackings/cj69

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