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Spectral Match

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Can be used in HyperSpectral Image Remote Sensing. Produces a matching/Score matrix.



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Spectral Match based on the provided Spectral data base generates an output showing how good each entry of your data matches to each entry of the spectral database.
-- Data: must be of size nBand x nPixel, that is each columns is one measurements or pixel of your hyperspectral images.
-- SpectralDB: must be of size nBand x nSpectra, where nSpectra varies based on howmany entries you have in your database.
-- Method: Computes the match. Currently there are two methods: (1) RMSE: The lower the better match.(2) DotProduct: the closer to 1 the better.

-- Output: would be of size nPixel x nSpectra. Each entry, i.e. (i,j) element, shows the matching criteria, i.e. RMSE or DotProduct, of the pixel i with the database spectra j

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MATLAB 8.0 (R2012b)

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