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Experimental Investigation on Solar Chimney for room ventilation

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This project implements experimental Investigation on Solar chimney for room ventilation



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Experimental investigations on solar chimney for room ventilation, Jyotirmay Mathur et. al


Experimental investigations on a small size solar chimney show that the rate of ventilation increases with increase of the ratio between height of absorber and gap between glass and absorber. This finding is in agreement with results of the steady-state mathematical model developed for analysis of such systems. Nine different combination of absorber height and air gap have been investigated on the experimental set-up. Highest rate of ventilation induced with the help of solar energy was found to be 5.6 air change per hour in a room of 27 m3, at solar radiation 700 W/m2 on vertical surface with the stack height-air gap ratio of 2.83 for a 1 m high chimney.
Keywords: Solar chimney; Natural ventilation; Air movement; Stack effect

I have used Gauss Seidel with Successive over relaxation method for solving linear system of equation which is implemented on file named ad GaussSeidelSOR.m

Files with there purpose:

1. EISCRV.m is the main function which implements the calculation part of temperature,mass flow rate, volume flow rate, ACH, efficiency and iteration performed.
2. Property.m implemnets the calculation of various properties of Glass surface and Absorber wall for mean glass temperature, mean temperature of air and mean temperature of vertical wall.
3. MatCrea.m creates the matrix i.e. the coefficients of temperature and right hand side vector along with that some dimensional attributes.
4. PlotResults.m is a script for calculating volume flow rate, mass flow rate, efficiency and number of air changes per hour (ACH) by varying various parameters like gap between Glass and Wall Opening height of Chimney and plot them with respect to Solar intensity

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Unzip it and run PlotResult.m




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