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Based on collinearity equations, two image triangulation by bundle is implemented.

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‘Image intersection’ in Photogrammetry or ‘triangulation’ in computer vision is implemented by using collinearity equations or pinhole camera model. The exterior orientation of both cameras is known beside the camera calibration parameters. This code is linear and doesn’t need any approximation for the unknowns in contrary to the published previous code no.2.

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Dear Professor Alsadik,

I am a first year Ph.D student in Missouri University of Science and Technology. My research is related to a photogrammetry-based method to measure
soil volume changes during triaxial testings. I have read your codes and papers from internet, and I think you really did good job in programming and photogrammetry.
I learned that some of your codes are based on knowledge from the textbook " Analytical Photogrammetry ,2009 ". I have strong interests in this book, because this
is closely related to my research. I will be appreciated if you could send me the electronic version of this book , or you could provide me some detailed information about
this book, so I can buy one .Please feel free to contact me at I look forward to your reply. Thanks.

Have a wonderful day!


Hi.. awesome code...
How did you generate "image_coordinates.txt" file?

Daniel Lenton

mays alazawe

tang steven

Hi,Bashar Alsadik:
Why not put the whole project here? The right image, the left image and how to compute image correspondences ?

Fanar Abed

awesome work, well done :)

Fanar Abed

Hi HU xb, I put the left image just for Texturing the sparse point cloud... the image correspondences are computed before and listed in the image_points text file, therefore no need to put the right image as well.

HU xb

HU xb (view profile)

when I unzipped your file,I find a left.jpg, do you miss a right.jpg file?
thank you!

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