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14 May 2013 (Updated )

This function distributes polygon points evenly across the polygon.

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  distributePointsOnPolygon this function uses faces and 2D/3D vertices as
  input. The vertices are redistributed over the polygon to decrease the
  variability in distance between the points.
  This is done by shifting the points iteratively over the original contour
  described by the polygon.
  - the polygon should be connected; i.e. the first and last point must be
    connected by faces.
  - the vertices may not be connected > 2 times.
  - the resulting polygon might be slightly smoohted, depending on the
    number of original points and the distance between those points; you can
    avoid this by using more input points or adding points at the longest faces
  [ v ] = distributePointsOnPolygon ( v )
  [ f, v ] = distributePointsOnPolygon ( f, v )
  [ f, v ] = distributePointsOnPolygon ( f, v, debug )
  use debug = 1 to see the progress.
  tweak the PARAMETRS on line 70-76 to speed up the process/ improve accuracy

Required Products MATLAB
MATLAB release MATLAB 8.1 (R2013a)
Other requirements Image processing toolbox is probably needed for the example code.
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04 Jun 2013 1.1

Now connects first and last vertex (if it was not connected already).

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