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simple compressed sensing example

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Illustrative 'toy' example of compressed sensing applied to image data.

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MATLAB implementation of compressive sensing example as described in R.Baraniuk, Compressive Sensing, IEEE Signal Processing Magazine, [118], July 2007. The code acquires 250 averaged random measurements of a 2500 pixel image. We assume that the image has a sparse representation in the DCT domain (not very sparse in practice). Hence the image can be recovered from its compressed form using basis pursuit.

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Qinxue Li

Helpfull,thank you very much,sir.

ashkan abbasi

ashkan abbasi (view profile)

Stuart Gibson

Stuart Gibson (view profile)

Roy, the matrix equation is solved using the MATLAB toolbox l_1-MAGIC: Recovery of Sparse Signals via Convex Programming v1.11 by J. Candes and J. Romberg, Caltech, 2005. Please refer to the authors for details. p.s. This reference was provided in my code comments. You can download the MATLAB toolbox l_1-MAGIC software from here:


roy (view profile)

No information on l1 toolbox. How do you actually reconstruct.

Pedro Dreyer

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