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Pico Technology PicoLog Recorder data acquisition (DDE)

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Retrieves data from a running instance of PicoLog Recorder via DDE.



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These files can be used to retrieve data from a running instance of PicoLog Recorder via DDE. This can also return calculated parameters generated in PicoLog (in contrast to using the DLL approach), but the disadvantage is that an instance of PicoLog needs to be running in the background, and the configuration needs to be carried out in PicoLog before running these commands. This is closely related to the files packaged in CO2gui, but is a little different to reduce dependencies.
tc08Handle = tc08connect initialises communication with the PicoLog program via the DDE interface, and returns the DDE handle as a response. If the fileName is supplied (tc08connect(fileName)), it uses that for the location of the EXE IF required. Note that the TC-08 must be configured in PicoLog before running this command. If the program is not running, it will attempt to start it.

tc08query(tc08Handle) returns the values of items from a running instance of PicoLog, given a handle generated by tc08connect.

tc08disconnect(tc08Handle) terminates communication with the PicoLog program with the handle given by tc08connect previously.

The DLL method is now preferred since it is faster, and DDE is due to be deprecated in future versions of MATLAB.

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