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Animated mesh on the web

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Animated mesh on the web



Convert a matlab mesh to a transforming 3D figure on the web

% This files demos creating a interactive html file from a triangular mesh 
% and a second set of deformed vertices

% Written by Benjamin Irving 2013/03/25

%From example 1 a mesh can be plotted in matlab as follows:
%Creating the mesh
[x,y,z,v] = flow;

% Creating a second set of vertices from the first set... and setting the
% second and third dimensions of the vertices to 0 as one example of a
% mesh transformation

% running the html creating function 
x3mesh_deform(fv.faces, fv.vertices, fv2.vertices, 'name', 'Example1')
disp('Mesh exported to html. File is in htmlfigs subfolder')

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