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Rheodyne valve RS232 communications

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Commands for communicating with Rheodyne valves via RS232



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This is a set of commands for commmunicating with Rheodyne valves via RS232 using the native MATLAB interface. This is a slightly streamlined version of the commands in CO2gui, which you should use if you want a version that can use Realterm instead.

Works by storing a timer in a structure in the UserData which triggers a valve position change e.g. every 10 minutes (this is designed for continuous sampling).

serialObject = rheodyne232obj(comPort, userData) returns the serial object for Rheodyne serial-controlled valves. given a suitable COM port number (unsigned integer: 1-255). Information can be passed into the serial object through the optional userData argument.

serialObject = rheodyne232objnotimer(comPort) returns a version without a timer present, so any commands relating to this will error - this is useful for applications not requiring continuous sampling, where the footprint needs to be kept low.

rheodyne232objconnect and disconnect(serialObject) work as you'd expect them too.

rheodyne232objcomm waits for confirmation from the valve to finish the operation before continuing, but this can be quite slow and annoying, so rheodyne232objfastcomm does not wait.

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MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.0.1 (R14SP1)

Inspired by: CO2gui - lab control and automation

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