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OFDMA & SC-FDMA performance analysis

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performance evaluation for OFDMA and SC-FDMA LTE multiple access techniques.



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the analysis is based on BER , PAPR , Error probability and power spectral desity.. indeed the code got some problems in running effectively in my pc.

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sir good afternoon, at qout iam not getting result please help me and send correct code to my mail

Arindam Bose

Arindam Bose (view profile)

hi,please help me to find the error of this code because if we execute this code, we have an error at lign 232, the function is not declared, and how to declare a function on this code, thanks

afsar jaf

Kindly help with ofdma_mapping function


merve (view profile)

Please help me. I didn't find subcarrieer mapping codes.

asaad azeez

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MATLAB 7.11 (R2010b)
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