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Watermarking GUI using 3rd level DWT

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The GUI embeds and extracts watermark image to cover image in frequency domain using 3rd level DWT.



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The GUI can be use embed any of the image in the folder to any of the selected cover image.It uses 3rd level DWT to embed the image as well as extract the image .Code works best to calculate the PSNR and MSE of embeding and extraction.

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sir, i want base paper for this work..??
my gmail is


Jitha (view profile)

Sir. what is the base paper for this work?

Dear Shivangi, In this code you have used the watermarking factor 0.0001 that is not feasible. Use factors like 0.1 or 0.2 this will enhance you PSNR during extraction @ the cost of decreased PSNR of embedding. Also compare the Normalised Correlation Coefficient for watermark. Also to make the technique globally acceptable you need to inser the attacks to make it Robust Watermarking technique. Anyway great effort, if you need any help in watermarking you can contact to me also. I have implemented about 8-10 techniques of watermarking.

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