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VANET node - RoadSide Unit scenario simulations

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This file contains matlab simulations of nodal interaction scenarios in VANETs



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urban city block
VANET node-VANET node interactions

each file has a simulation and can be run independently. comments are added in the file for explanation. please feel free to ask questions, if any.

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can you please explain actually what is happening? while exicuting UrbanCitySimu.m

Please any one help me to implement ACO algorithm in VANET using matlab ,if any one have source code please send me .
Thanks in advanced

himaja ganti

can You please suggest me the tool box which you have used for this VANET RSU simulation?


abizar (view profile)

can you help me in V2V communication my email is

Can you help me I want code I-GPSR for simulation in VANET my email is

ashok yadav

can you guys help with vanet simulation. i am struggling for that. can you email me if there is any suggestion.

sir what does the value of h1, h2, h3 mean. and for how long it will give values of h1, h2, h3

Haider ch

sir how we communicate vehicle each other and also that if we merge this code to one matlab file

Ahmed Morsy

Thanks i found that useful

Ninh QuangHuy

Thank you so much!.I'm studying a project abt "evaluation performance the 1609.4 standard in VANET in MATLAB".I wonder did you use to reseach abt this subject?.If you did,can you give me some document and code for this subject.It's neccesery for me!.Once again,Thank you.Sir!

Trang Huyen

thanks so much

Adnan Ali


abhijeet uike

@ikram, change the 'pause' variable value. Also, you need to get a map with a known scale & map it apt km/hr ratio.

Ikram Ashraf

Hi, can you please mention how can you control the speed of the objects in UrbanCitySimu.m? If I want to specify the speed as km/hour.


priya (view profile)

sir can we use that urbancity.m file with the clustering technique?
i need to know that for my thesis work.
i m new in matlab.

Tks a lot

yun huang


eren okur

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.7 (R2008b)

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