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Detailed Modelling of a 1.5MW Wind Turbine based on Direct-driven PMSG



21 May 2013 (Updated )

1.5MW Wind Turbine based on Direct-driven PMSG(Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator)

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Though there are many literatures on PMSG wind turbine modelling, I found out that it's difficult to get a detailed simulink model, so I made this, hope you can make full use of it!

Required Products SimPowerSystems
MATLAB release MATLAB 7.10 (R2010a)
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13 Feb 2014 Xiaoyang


Your model inspired me a lot. Could you tell me the parameter sheet of this system? Since I have been reading many papers on similar topic, there is no detailed sheet attached. Especially the flux linkage established by magnets of PMSG. I am doing this project behind the schedule. Maybe you stop check this page. So please contact me if you have time and will. 417643383@qq.com Thanks for your work again. If any of you guys want to discuss with me, that is my e-mail. cheers

26 Jan 2014 Povi Nike

Could you write where could I change sample time Ts?

26 Jan 2014 Povi Nike  
19 Dec 2013 jothi priya

Excellent work sir.Have you published any articles or papers related to this model.can you please give the parameter details used for modelling the grid connected PMSG.

14 Dec 2013 Xu

This model is very good, but may I ask where can I get the detailed parameters of the turbine, like the rotational inertia of the rotor and the starting torque?
Thank you very much!

02 Dec 2013 Malik

i cant make this model run on Matlab 7.12.0 R2011a. Get these errors. Please help!

error1: Problem creating Accelerator MEX file for model 'Detailed_PMSG_one_machine'.
To see the build output, use set_param('Detailed_PMSG_one_machine','AccelVerboseBuild','on')

error2: An installed compiler was not detected. Certain simulation modes, as well as host-based coder builds require that a compiler be installed. Please install one of the supported compilers for this release as listed at:


MATLAB must be restarted after the compiler is installed.

15 Nov 2013 upputuri

I am working on the pmsg based off shore wind farm.I am facing problem in design the model of the pmsg based wind farm of 100 MW.Could you please assist me how to change the ratings of turbine, generator. I am using your model also I am facing problems could you please help me

08 Oct 2013 ramakrishna

when i am trying to run the model it showing the error whic i metion in the box
{The "FixedStepDiscrete" solver cannot be used to simulate block diagram 'Detailed_PMSG_one_machine' because it contains continuous states}

will u please explain what is this

24 Sep 2013 Ahmed Ali

Dear Mr. Ruan,
Thank you very much for your help. why the power and voltage are fluctuating, what is the use of crow bar protection.
my email is (ahali@ucalgary.ca). I have some questions could we contact.

31 Jul 2013 dke

could you put on an article related with this model,
thank you

31 Jul 2013 Peng

Dear Mr. Ruan,

thank you very much for your contribution. I can run the model, but i don't think the control is richt,because:
the d-axis current id of the machine-side-converter is not 0, and the q-axis current iq of the machine-side-converter can not track the reference value.

my e-mail is "yufei.peng@mail.tu-berlin.de", i am a PhD student at the techinische universitaet Berlin, i am very glad to know you each other for further discussion.

Kind regards!
Yufei Peng

10 Jul 2013 Ruan Jiayang

you can use the "normal" mode rather than "accelerator" model to avoid addtional compilers.

09 Jul 2013 aleonalonso

Dear Mr Ruan,
Thank you very much for your contribution. I just want to ask you if you have published any article or documentation related to this model.
I would also like to ask you if you could upload a version of the file that does not require compiler.
Kind Regards.

23 May 2013 Ruan Jiayang

I have updated the model, it can be run with no errors now.

23 May 2013 Ali

Dear Mr Ruan
Thank so much for this great model, but
When I start to run an Error evaluating 'StopFcn' callback of block_diagram 'Detailed_PMSG_one_machine'.

Caused by:
Undefined function 'cprintf' for input arguments of type 'char'

please help me

21 May 2013 Ruan Jiayang

for use of the model,please delete the codes in "Model Properties/call backs", if necessary.:)

24 May 2013

Some useless codes have been deleted.

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