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Benchmark Problem 02 - Matlab Code

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This is the Matlab code for the model Benchmark Problem 02.



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This is a Benchmark problem code. It mimics a aircraft control law with most of blocks like transient free switches, delay (persistence) blocks, table look up, filters, rate limiters and integrators. Switching logic with signal threshold is also provided. It is a 21 input problem which can be used for the design of test cases. A Matlab code is provided which has been tested with the model with 6x10^8 test points. We hope that all the errors are captured. In case someone finds an error I would like to know. A mutation generation script is also provided to generate mutants. It can generate variable, logic, logic, data and math mutants. In the current state it can make 34000 or more mutants. The user can make some more if required. Two sets of test data are provided which cover the requirement. One uses the Taguchi DOE and the other uses Simulated Annealing. The SA tests are generated using an Orthogonal array as a first guess. This provided a complete set of test cases for 100% requirement coverage in 400 odd iterations. This work is an Academia Industry collaboration between Moog India and the Instrumentation and Control Engineering faculty of the Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal, India.

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