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MATLAB color picker (fig-file)

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Simple user interface with possibility to pick any color and determine MATLAB code for chosen color.

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Simple user interface with possibility to pick any color and determine MATLAB code for chosen color. It makes possible to copy determined color code en paste it to your color specification within m-file of other program code. This color specification is not RGB value but percentage of RGB. I'm found it useful if you want to assign many colors in your program code and you want to determine a percentage easily.

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Many thanks.
So great ^________^


Reza (view profile)


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This makes color selection a breese!



Kind of redundant. There is already one available within Matlab environment. Just type "uisetcolor". But Thanks none the less for the effort :).


Nedim: Brilliant !!!

Rufy anwar

hey nedim i am new to matlab i cant find the source code would you help me out step by step it would be great of you ,thank you.

hey nice tool,but can u gimme da code to output thermal profile image or color map of the read image by rgb values according to temperature...

Judith Horn


Mohammad Hasan

thank you! very useful

New User

Awesome. Thank you.



Li-Qing Jiang

Fantastic tool! Thank you for your sharing.

Matthijs Klomp

Nedim Mehmedbegovic

Hi people,

The source code of this tool sits actually in the fig-file. You have to open it in the guide and then check the callbacks for each button.

If somebody don't manage to find source code, please let me know.

Cheers, Nedim

qiang zhou

Could you please send the source code. Thank you very much!

Weihua Zhang

Very good tool

Lars R

A very useful little tool

orange sweet

could you please send me matlab source code to determine RGB color from an image?thanks.

Roy Schestowitz

Indeed it is the same as UISETCOLOR, only weaker.

Rasmus Anthin

Isn't this just like UISETCOLOR??

George Hardy

Very handy...

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