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The Long-term Evolution of Geosynchronous Transfer Orbits

  • atan3four quadrant inverse tangent
  • ceqm1first order form of Cowell's equations of orbital motion
  • eci2orb1convert eci state vector to six classical orbital
  • eci2orb2convert eci state vector to complete set of classical orbital elements
  • gast1Greenwich apparent sidereal time
  • gdateconvert Julian date to Gregorian (calendar) date
  • geodet1geodetic latitude and altitude
  • getdateinteractive request and input of calendar date
  • getoe(ioev)interactive request of classical orbital elements
  • gettimeinteractive request and input of universal time
  • gravityfirst order equations of orbital motion
  • jd2str(jdate)convert Julian date to string equivalent
  • julianJulian date
  • moonlunar ephemeris
  • oeprint1(mu, oev)print six classical orbital elements
  • om_constantsastrodynamic and utility constants
  • orb2eci(mu, oev)convert classical orbital elements to eci state vector
  • r2rrevolutions to radians function
  • readgm(fname)read gravity model data file
  • readoe1(filename)read orbital elements data file
  • rkf78solve first order system of differential equations
  • sun1solar ephemeris
  • svprint(r, v)print position and velocity vectors and magnitudes
  • gto.m
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The Long-term Evolution of Geosynchronous Transfer Orbits


David Eagle (view profile)


Interactive MATLAB script that predicts the long-term evolution of geosynchronous transfer orbits.


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