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Arduino S Function for MPC4725 I2C DAC

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This is an S Function driver for the MPC4725 I2C Digital to Analog 12 bit converter.



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I needed to make this work for a project and finally did by following the S Function Builder tutorial that was posted Here:

I've also made an S Function with this same process for the ADS1115 I2C 16 bit ADC using the adafruit ADS1015 library but I'll post that later.

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Would it be possible to post the s-function for the ADS1115 I'm trying to get a this to work as well?

Barza Nisar

addie irawan


Ben (view profile)



Uploaded a screenshot.

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MATLAB 8.1 (R2013a)

Inspired by: Device Drivers, ADLX345 i2c Driver for Arduino Mega

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