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Function for importing and plotting STL files in MATLAB

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This file will import and plot ASCII STL file in MATLAB.



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The file may not be time and space efficient but i think its well documented and can be easily understood by beginners.To avoid complexity file does not consider normal vectors.

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Ron Perrone

Unfortunately this function didn't work for me. Wouldn't read the file.

 Error in readSTL (line 4)

Open to suggestions?

Eric Ludlam

Eric Ludlam (view profile)

I like this simple reader which worked great for output from openSCAD.

I used this code snippet to convert the coordinate return value into something I could drop right onto a patch object:

    verts = reshape(coordinates,3,[])';
    tri = reshape(1:size(verts,1),3,[])';

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 8.0 (R2012b)

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