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Merton Jump Diffusion Option Price (Matrixwise)

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Merton Jump Diffusion Option Price (Matrixwise)



24 May 2013 (Updated )

Calculates Merton's 1976 Jump Diffusion Model by Closed Form Matrixwise Calculation for Full Surface

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File Information

Calculates Option Prices by Merton's 1976 Jump Diffusion Model by Closed Form Matrixwise Calculation for Full Surface

cp [1,-1] Call,Put
S Current Price
K Strike Vector
T Time-to-Maturity Vector
sigma Volatility of Diffusion
r Risk-free-Rate
q Div Yield
lambda Poisson Rate
a Jump Mean
b Jump Std Deviation
n Event Count (Limited to 170 since factorial(170)=7.26e306)

S = 100; K = (20:5:180)'; T = (0.1:0.1:5)';
sigma = 0.2; r = 0.0075; q = 0; lambda = 0.01; a = -0.2; b = 0.6; n = 50;
P = ia_calcMJDOptionPrice(cp,S,K,T,sigma,r,q,lambda,a,b,n);

[mK,mT] = meshgrid(K,T); [sigma,C] = calcBSImpVol(cp,P,S,mK,mT,r,q);
subplot(2,1,1); mesh(mK,mT,P); subplot(2,1,2); mesh(mK,mT,sigma);

Merton, 1976, Option Pricing When Underlying Stock Returns are Discontinuous


Fast Matrixwise Black Scholes Implied Volatility inspired this file.

Required Products MATLAB
MATLAB release MATLAB 8.0 (R2012b)
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Comments and Ratings (2)
09 Dec 2016 Liqun

Liqun (view profile)

Do you have matrixwise Black Scholes Option price?

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24 Jun 2013 Justin Rodrigues

Excellent program, well written and knowledgable author. Was kind enough to answer my questions and showed me how to execute the program to fit my needs. Very professional and kind.

28 May 2013 1.1

Fixed small bug in the example given which omitted defining the variable "cp", and called "ia_calcMJDOptionPrice" instead of "calcMJDOptionPrice"

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