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Compressed Air Energy Storage

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Compressed Air Energy Storage



This is a model of a Renewable Compressed Air Energy Storage System (CAES)

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File Information

The model uses PV cells, to run a DC motor which drives an air compressor. The compressed air then turns a air motor to run a AC generator.

The system is not operating correctly due to an error with the pneumatic motor. I am not sure how to fix this to get the model to work.

Any advice or improvements are appreciated.


Required Products Simscape Electronics
Simscape Fluids
Simscape Multibody
Simscape Power Systems
MATLAB release MATLAB 8.1 (R2013a)
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Comments and Ratings (3)
04 Apr 2016 praveen kumar arumugam

help me rectify this error..!!
while running.. it terminates in-between and shows this error..!!

An error occurred while running the simulation and the simulation was terminated

Steady state solve failed to converge.
...Nonlinear solver to advance time one step failed to converge due to Linear Algebra error. Failed to solve using iteration matrix.

......Equations (including nonlinear equations) of one or more components may be dependent or inconsistent. This can cause problems in transient initialization. Here is the set of components involved:
Equation location is:
'C:/Program Files/MATLAB/MATLAB Production Server/R2015a/toolbox/physmod/simscape/simscapedemos/+PneumaticMotor/PneumaticMotor.ssc' (line 69){ -Q_A == Q_B - t*R.w;}

'FINALSEMPROJECT/Rotational Pneumatic- Mechanical Converter'
Equation location is:
'C:/Program Files/MATLAB/MATLAB Production Server/R2015a/toolbox/physmod/simscape/library/m/+foundation/+pneumatic/+elements/rotational_converter.ssc' (line 91){ Q_B == G*A.c_p*B.T;}


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10 Jul 2015 Jesse Pinkman

Thank you for your great guides. If we do well maintain, we'll save money for buying a new one. but when it expired or broke, we should purchase on a new air compressor. Go through to read more buyer guides and tips/tricks to use an air compressor. Hope to see more guides in the future. Many thanks.

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13 Jun 2013 Selmane Sekkai

Hello there,

didn't understand what are you willing do with your model? There are many energy conversions from Electric to Mechanic to pneumatic and to electric finally. Why all these conversions?

First, you have to know that solvers ode15s and ode23t are most valuable for simscape models.

Then you should really understand your system before trying to model it.

let me know if you have any other questions.


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