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Line Coding Techniques

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Implementation of various Line coding techniques.



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In this Line Coding file I've tried to implement various Line Coding techniques available such as
1. Unipolar RZ
2. Unipolar NRZ
3. Polar RZ
4. Polar NRZ
5. Manchester

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Fandi F

can you help me, I'm in problem to find NRZ(M) signal spectrum using matlab for my collage task.
i'm sorry for bad english..
i hope you can response soon.

@Abdurrahman Nurhakim Run TestLEC.m file

could someone help?.. i can not see the graph.. Please.., i've a task today, but i've not fixed.. I've tried using other code(matlab data) but i can not view the graph...


Run TestLEC.m file

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MATLAB 7.14 (R2012a)

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