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Content Based Image Retrieval

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Content Based Image Retrieval


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30 May 2013 (Updated )

Simple content based image retrieval for demonstration purposes. Either using knn or classification

function waveletMoments = waveletTransform(image)
% input: image to process and extract wavelet coefficients from
% output: 1x20 feature vector containing the first 2 moments of wavelet
% coefficients

imgGray = double(rgb2gray(image))/255;
imgGray = imresize(imgGray, [256 256]);

coeff_1 = dwt2(imgGray', 'coif1');
coeff_2 = dwt2(coeff_1, 'coif1');
coeff_3 = dwt2(coeff_2, 'coif1');
coeff_4 = dwt2(coeff_3, 'coif1');

% construct the feaute vector
meanCoeff = mean(coeff_4);
stdCoeff = std(coeff_4);

waveletMoments = [meanCoeff stdCoeff];


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