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Vector Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor

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Vector control of PMSMS is accomplished.

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The model demonstrate vector control of permanent magnet synchronous motor. Model uses Model of PMSM in rotor frame of reference. There is a speed control loop to regulate the speed.

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what is the purpose relay in this simulink block


Wenbo (view profile)

Hung Trinh

Hello, I have an error "error using open (line 162): Invalid argument". Can you help me fix them? Thank you very much

slm i need Adaptive Back-stepping Control of Permanent Magnetic Synchronous Motor

mahdi emamiun

li na

li na (view profile)


jackit (view profile)

thanks a lot! helpful

sreejaya r

zia kansi

I don't understand the purpose of PID controller in this block, the role of PID controller is so weird.and the other thing if you change your reference speed the out remain the same..the speed only change with load torque. and you can not control it from changing the value of PID i think this model is OK for only certain values, not for all...can you explain plzz???

Ilber Puci

Thank you very much for this model that you designed. Please, can you send me specific prameter of motor, include power, speed and current?


peppa (view profile)

why your vector control is different compared to others?


peter (view profile)

this model is proving to be very useful for my thesis. each individual block is very clear, but i am not yet clear on understanding the full system structure. on all other block diagrams of vector control that i have seen the model looks different.
Idq goes into a controller that produces Vdq. from that you get Vabc which goes into the PWM and inverter to produce Iabc. Iabc then goes to the motor and also gets looped back into the system (transforming back into Idq).
your model has correct math for each individual block, but i am having difficulty correlating your model to other vector control models.
would it be possible to explain how and why yours is different?

ahsan Kashif

THis have helped me a lot in my thesis.


Laxmi (view profile)

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