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Speed Control of Brush-less DC motor

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This model presents speed control of BLDC motor.

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The model presents speed control of brushless DC motor. There is complete dynamic model of brushless DC motor. Actual speed of motor is compared with reference speed to control three phase inverter to adjust the terminal voltage. This model of BLDC motor can be used in sensorless control of BLDC motor as well.

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ankit rawat

hello sir, your model give a great insight to state space representation of the machine can you please tell, why this model should preferred over phase variable model of machine? and different parameter values you considered for the machine?

respected sir ,
  am interested in reference file of speed control of bldc motor how can i get it please reply me


ravi biradar

please can you help me with fully m-file program for control of BLDC motor.

naidu talada

ahmet nas

I wonder how you could obtain Ia current by using Vab and Vbc voltage values. Please kindly let me know this approximation.



SUMEET (view profile)

hello ,
I am working with a PWM-Duty cycle controlled model of BLDC. I saw your model and I am confused by the way you have modelled it. the input to the BLDC block is supposed to be a 3 phase DC voltage and you have made it with a 2-line DC input.
will you be kind enough to explain me and help me understand the idea behind this model.

thanking you


hi sir
Just wondering, what is the physical parameters for this example that you used?

Sir, i am just beginner. i went throught the simulation but i dont know what controller you have used.. have you used fuzzy logic PI controller technique?

Rashed Meer

Just wondering why you have used the word "elseif" in your code.


Here is the code of function emfg. It works fine at Matlab 2012/2013.

function y=emfg(u)
if (u>-180)&&(u<=-120)


sir while running this model a error is occurred like this"undefined function or method emfg for input arguments type double" please help me to rectify this error. mail me on thanx

ahsan Kashif

Very good work.

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