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Run MS Excel macro

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Run MS Excel macro with or without parameters



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Run MS Excel macro


- XLSFILE: name of the XLS-file
- MACRO: macro name
- PARAMS: parameters for the MACRO

- XLSFILE will be edited

- In some cases when an error occurs, MS Excel must be manually closed (in Task Manager for Windows systems)
- Some macros do not run if the visibility of MS Excel is off. So it is on by default.

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Manoj Negi

Just need one help. I have one excel file Trailing.xlsm where liveprice is the name of macro. But this excel file runs with administrator rights only. If I won't open file with administrator rights then macro is showing #NA. How should I open it without showing #NA? Any help regarding this will be great!!!

Eddy Barratt

Very helpful, and it works well. I made a slight edit to make the set(Excel, 'Visible',1) line optional, as the macro seemed to work fine without it for me. I then run it in a try-catch loop and turn visible on if I have an error.

Eddy Barratt


Thanks! Found it very useful!

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MATLAB 7.10 (R2010a)
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