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SIVA SAI REDDY (view profile)


This model helps you in getting a basic idea of a CUK converter and PI application in converter.

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This model which resembles a cuk converter which can be used for wide range of DC o/p's.As we know that cuk converter can be used for stepping up/down a given DC value.
The important thing that can be noticed from this model is that,it has a PI controller,which can be used for giving a DC constant(desired value of DC o/p),and the error signal is sent through a PI controller,which further helps in setting the particular Duty ratio,which simultaneously produces a desired DC output.
i've tried it in designing for value of 50/60 and 50/80...and it worked well....
but problem i faced was little overshoot..
i would be thankful for the suggestions in reducing it and getting a better design.

MATLAB release MATLAB 7.10 (R2010a)
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26 May 2014 Michal

Michal (view profile)

Thanks a lot, quite useful

20 May 2014 Diwakar Joshi  
20 May 2014 Diwakar Joshi  
05 Nov 2013 deepthi davuluri

can u please give me the ...internal details of ur..pi controller.
i need them.... for understanding about my project..on this concept.

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