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This model helps you in getting a basic idea of a CUK converter and PI application in converter.



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This model which resembles a cuk converter which can be used for wide range of DC o/p's.As we know that cuk converter can be used for stepping up/down a given DC value.
The important thing that can be noticed from this model is that,it has a PI controller,which can be used for giving a DC constant(desired value of DC o/p),and the error signal is sent through a PI controller,which further helps in setting the particular Duty ratio,which simultaneously produces a desired DC output.
i've tried it in designing for value of 50/60 and 50/80...and it worked well....
but problem i faced was little overshoot..
i would be thankful for the suggestions in reducing it and getting a better design.

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jignesh patel

plz give me parameter detail

anjana singh

thx for this.plz send me its working

anjana singh

anjana singh

anjana singh

what is the frequency with which switch is on off?


Michal (view profile)

Thanks a lot, quite useful

Diwakar Joshi

Diwakar Joshi

can u please give me the ...internal details of ur..pi controller.
i need them.... for understanding about my project..on this concept.

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