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Make your plots look somewhat like they came from the dustiest section of the engineering library.

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Inspired by the wild success of certain other gimmicky image filters, now even the youngest and/or least-talented scientists can make it look like their data have been worthy of standing the test of time. sciencestagram(figurehandle) is a powerful (relatively weak and limited) tool for transforming (obfuscating) your data and giving it that hip new retro look. If your data are lacking in quality or pizzazz, simply type 'sciencestagram' into the command line and instantly convince yourself and others that your data are worth keeping. Include the optional argument figurehandle to specify exactly which figure to sciencestagram. It'll have you saying "Goodbye zippy colors, hello antiquated serifs!"

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Chen Qiang


This is so hilarious! I love it!



minor tweaks for robustness.


Now supports surface plots.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.13 (R2011b)

Inspired: whynot

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