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Direct Torque Control of an Induction Motor

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Direct Torque Control of an Induction Motor



This model simulates direct torque control of an induction motor.

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File Information

This model simulates direct torque control of a three phase induction motor. Space vector trajectory is also plotted to observe the performance. Speed estimator is implemented to control of speed of motor along with the torque. Different websites were used as a resource to develop the direct torque control.

Required Products Control System Toolbox
Simscape Power Systems
MATLAB release MATLAB 8.0 (R2012b)
Other requirements Fast CPU Processing
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Comments and Ratings (23)
28 Jun 2016 Shengnan Li

An interesting question:inside the block 'DTC controller', if you put at scope of signal 'S3', the rising and fall time is 0.6us, which is the max step size. however, if you put a scope at 's3' outside of the block, it has a rising and fall time of about 12us. Can anyone explain why the edge slowed down so much?

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27 Jun 2016 Shengnan Li

Thanks for the model.
Can anyone explain the purpose of 'speed estimator' block. The inputs Te and fr are not variables that can be obtained outside the motor. I would assume that we want to get speed from measurable motor variables like 'ia,ib,ic'. if we don't want to do that step in the model, then just get it from the output of the 'Mechanical System' block?

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16 Mar 2016 Shane kelly

does anyone know why there is small torque at 0.3sec when 0V is applied to this model?
should 0V not give out 0 torque constantly

28 Feb 2016 cyna lee

what is the horse power of the induction motor?

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21 Dec 2015 Irfan ilahi  
24 Jul 2015 Sanjay Dabadgaonkar

Pl send me the simulink model whcih can run on 7.10.0 (R2010a) as it is not running on this version and problem with parameters initialization at

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05 Jul 2015 Ganesh Challa

Please upload the " Direct Torque Control of an Induction Motor" Simulink circuit sir as it is not available in the RAR file.

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16 Jun 2015 Aishwarya Apte

The model is not running there is some initialization problem even if I run values of parameters in workspace. I am using MATLAB R10 version can you please tell in which version you used.

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07 May 2015 leong

leong (view profile)

it is a shortcut to feedback stator flux directly from your motor model. in reality you have to get that info indirectly.

29 Apr 2015 arun kumar  
01 Jan 2015 Sagar Gandhi

Sir, can you tell me HP of this motor? If it is possible can you please explain this Model? Do the needful.

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27 Jul 2014 zhu

zhu (view profile)

can u please send me the file to my email ,THX a lot

14 Jun 2014 sana'

sana' (view profile)

can u plz send me the file to my email id
its not working in 2009 version of matlab

29 Jan 2014 vishwas

can u plz send me the file to my email id
its not working in 2009 version of matlab

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28 Jan 2014 Syed Abdul Rahman Kashif

vishwas: I have downloaded it now and it is working smoothly on mine Matlab 2012b.

File> Model Properties> Call backs> Initializing function

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27 Jan 2014 ros

ros (view profile)

3-D look up table not retrieving the data from varaible "a".
please explain how to see data in 3-D LOOK UP TABLE

27 Jan 2014 vishwas

the file u uploaded is corrupt Plz do re upload. or can u plz send that file to my email id

26 Jan 2014 Essamudin  
25 Jan 2014 mohamed Hussein

Great work...
Could you kindly advise how did you plot the space vector trajectory graph ??

28 Sep 2013 Masoud Ghanbari

Nice Job...

20 Sep 2013 Anirudh

great work !!!

29 Jun 2013 Syed Abdul Rahman Kashif

Some Matlab version have problems with parameter initialization. Kindly add following parameter in initializing function or work space if you get initialization problem.


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12 Jun 2013 Miguel Montilla

Please copy the parameters of induction motor at pre-load function

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