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This function creates McCabe-Thiele Diagrams from various user inputs



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This function creates McCabe-Thiele Diagrams from various user inputs. It also displays some key distillation parameters such as the reflux and boilup ratios and the feed conditions. Additionally, it determines the total number of EQ stages required and shows the "step-down" process. Also, it performs the infinite reflux (for given concentration) and minimum reflux (for given/calculated feed condition) analyses and plots those data in separate figures. Finally, it creates a simple column diagram illustrating the feed location and number of stages (assumes total condenser and partial reboiler).

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- now performs infinite reflux calculations
- minimum reflux calculations for specified feed condition
-generates column diagram


-Can now do stage by stage for VLE other than constant relative volatility


- Calculates Nmin, (L/D)min, (Vbar/B)min, etc
- Plots steps at infinite reflux on second figure
- Makes diagram for minimum reflux
- Can now do stage by stage analysis for VLE other than relative volatility


This update includes the "steps" or "stages" required for the given column parameters

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 8.1 (R2013a)

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