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Plotly | Online MATLAB Graphing

  • addplotlystartup(startupP...
    [1]looks at statup.m files specified by the entries of startupPaths
  • base64decode(x, outfname,...
    BASE64DECODE Perform base64 decoding on a string.
  • cell2json(s)
  • check_escape(val)
    adds '\' escape character if needed
  • convertFigure(f, strip_st...
    convertFigure - converts a matlab figure object into data and layout
  • dateTimeScale(a, xaxis, y...
  • export_fig2(fig, beautify...
  • extractAxes(axhan, a,layo...
    extractAxes - create an axes struct
  • extractAxesGeneral(axhan,...
    extractAxesGeneral - copy general axes struct attributes
  • extractColorBar(d, strip_...
    extractColorBar - create a data struct for the colorbar
  • extractDataAnnotation(d, ...
    extractDataAnnotation - create a general purpose annotation struct
  • extractDataBar(d, layout,...
    extractDataScatter - create a data struct for scatter plots
  • extractDataBar(d, layout,...
    extractDataScatter - create a data struct for scatter plots
  • extractDataBox(d, xid, yi...
    extractDataBox - create a data struct for box plots
  • extractDataContourMap(d, ...
    extractDataContourMap - create a data struct for contour maps
  • extractDataGeneral(d, data)
    extractDataGeneral - copy general data struct attributes
  • extractDataHeatMap(d, xid...
    extractDataHeatMap - create a data struct for heat maps
  • extractDataScatter(d, xid...
    extractDataScatter - create a data struct for scatter plots
  • extractDateTicks(tick_lab...
  • extractFont(d)
    Plotly supported fonts
  • extractLayoutGeneral(f, l...
    General attributes of the layout.
  • extractLegend(a,ah)
    extractLegend - create a legend struct
  • extractMargins(f)
    helper function used to set the margins of the plot
  • extractTitle(than,d, xa, ...
    extractTitle - create an annotation struct for plot titles
  • fig2plotly(varargin)
    fig2plotly - plots a matlab figure object with PLOTLY
  • findDataType(m_data, m_axis)
  • formatRW(inputStr)
    adds whitespace after \reservedwordplot(1,1);
  • generateBoxData(outliers,...
    set number of data points
  • getplotlyfig(file_owner, ...
  • getuserdir
    GETUSERDIR Retrieve the user directory
  • http_createHeader(name,va...
    http_createHeader Simple function for creating input header to urlread2
  • http_paramsToString(param...
    http_paramsToString Creates string for a POST or GET requests
  • is_octave ()
    subfunction that checks if we are in octave
  • json=savejson(rootname,ob...
    % json=savejson(rootname,obj,filename)
  • json=saveubjson(rootname,...
    % json=saveubjson(rootname,obj,filename)
  • loadjson(fname,varargin)
    % data=loadjson(fname,opt)
  • loadplotlyconfig()
    check if config exist
  • loadplotlycredentials()
    check if credentials exist
  • loadubjson(fname,varargin)
    % data=loadubjson(fname,opt)
  • m2json(val)
  • makecall(args, origin, st...
  • mapColors(c, limits, colo...
  • onePlot(fig)
    this helper function looks through the figure fig
  • openurl (url)
  • opt=varargin2struct(varar...
  • parseColor(c)
    c is a 1x3 vector
  • parseFill(d, data, CLim, ...
    parseFill - parses fill attribute for area plots
  • parseLatex(inputStr,d)
    parseLatex(inputStr,d) converts TeX, and LaTeX
  • parseLine(d)
    build marker struct
  • parseMarker(d, CLim, colo...
    build marker struct
  • parseText(input_text)
  • plotly(varargin)
    plotly - create a graph in your plotly account
  • plotly_version()
  • plotlycleanup
    cleans up any old Plotly API MATLAB library files
  • plotlyhelp(varargin)
  • plotlysession(varargin)
  • plotlysetup(username, api...
  • plotlyupdate(varargin)
  • reevaluateDomains(x_axis,...
    find current domain range
  • response_handler(response...
  • s=mergestruct(s1,s2)
  • saveplotlyconfig(plotly_d...
    Save plotly config info.
  • saveplotlycredentials(use...
    Save plotly authentication credentials.
  • saveplotlyfig(figure_or_d...
  • setColorProperty(prop, co...
    if one direct color
  • setGlobalTitle(text_prop,...
    helper function which sets the global plot
  • signin(varargin)
    SIGNIN(username, api_key) Sign In to a plotly session
  • signup(username, email)
    SIGNUP(username, email) Remote signup to plot.ly and plot.ly API
  • stripTitle(title)
  • struct2json(s)
  • urlread2(urlChar,method,b...
    urlread2 Makes HTTP requests and processes response
  • val=jsonopt(key,default,v...
    % val=jsonopt(key,default,optstruct)
  • plotlystream
  • demo_jsonlab_basic.m
  • demo_ubjson_basic.m
  • jsonlab_selftest.m
  • jsonlab_speedtest.m
    % Benchmarking processing speed of savejson and loadjson
  • poltystream_demo.m
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Plotly | Online MATLAB Graphing



18 Jun 2013 (Updated )

Publish your MATLAB figures to the web with one line of code.

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File Information

Plotly (https://plot.ly/) is an online graphing platform that makes generating and sharing interactive, publication-quality figures easy.. This package converts your MATLAB figures into online Plotly graphs with a single line of code:
[X, Y, Z] = peaks;
This code generates this graph in your browser: https://plot.ly/~demos/1574
For more, see the official documentation at https://plot.ly/MATLAB.

Required Products MATLAB
MATLAB release MATLAB 8.1 (R2013a)
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Comments and Ratings (8)
17 Sep 2014 Budias Aao

Are you updating the image every day to make this submission always show up at top?

This is kind of spamming

23 Jul 2014 Calum

Really good bit of code - works well and the web-rendering looks nice. Looking forward to the surf and mesh plots.

14 Jul 2014 Mateo Sundquist

The MATLAB conversions literally let you add fig2plotly() to the end of your code and make a shareable, web-based MATLAB graphs. And it's interactive!

14 Jul 2014 James  
14 Jul 2014 Chris

Really incredible. I convert all of my figures to online Plotly graphs now -- they're interactive and the PNG export is much higher quality.

13 Aug 2013 Germ├ín  
27 Jun 2013 Jan Simon

For more than the half of the examples I get a running progress indicator only. Therefore I hesitate to use this for productive work.

27 Jun 2013 Tom

Just a note- plot.ly/API doesn't work for me (page not found), but https://plot.ly/api does.

18 Jun 2013

Updated docs

26 Jun 2013

Added contact info.

27 Jun 2013

Fixed bug in API sign-up

25 May 2014

Link to the GitHub repo.

23 Sep 2014

Update image

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