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Variogram 2D function

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Calculation variogram in 2D, scatter points.



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% example:
load 'cluster.dat'
x = cluster(:,1);
y = cluster(:,2);
z = cluster(:,3);
[length(z) mean(z) var(z)]

Comments and Ratings (11)

uday inamdar

can we plot variogram for spatial interpolation
how to code it


J G (view profile)

Would you mind explaining the inputs (i.e. number of lags, tolerance, directions, etc) - I'm a newbie to this! Thanks!

sarid dard


D Ivankovich

agreed with previos mister J RP. code is useless with no reading manual. i understand code from all of mathworks but this code is not understandable.

DK Kim

Anyone that read 10 minutes about what variogram is should be able to understand the meaning of the parameters of the GUI. Thanks, DK


It's useless to 90% of the people out there because it doesn't define what the GUI input parameters mean anywhere! Creating a readme.txt file in 10 minutes would make this useful to a MUCH larger audience!!!

david baron


Mohamed DRAOUI

I'm engineer and I like to use it in my work

Fauziyah Arifin

excellent..............thanks a lot.

Nancy Lacourly

Sérgio Sacani

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