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Biot-Savart direct integration on a generic curve

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Biot-Savart integration on a generic curve, by numerical integration.



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Biot-Savart integration on a generic curve, by numerical integration.
You can insert the points of a generic curve and the script will calculate the B induction field everywhere.

You can choose between three test cases: simple straight wire, bent wire or solenoid, or you can insert the coordinates of your generic curve.
The script will also plot the quiver3 of the field.

Image in the screenshot has been simply taken using streamtube() function:

[xm, ym] = meshgrid(linspace(Dom(1,1), Dom(1,2), ND), linspace(Dom(2,1), Dom(2,2), ND));
zm = xm * 0;

streamtube(stream3(X,Y,Z,U,V,W,xm,ym,zm+6), 0.1);

You can find more info (in Italian) here:

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Notsure USA


David (view profile)

There is a little bug @ line 43:
linspace(Dom(2,1), Dom(3,2), ND));
should be:
linspace(Dom(3,1), Dom(3,2), ND));

Sorry :)



Updated description link.


@line 43, just changed an index

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 8.0 (R2012b)

Inspired: Biot Savart magnetic Toolbox

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