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Drag Line in GUI

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Lines in the GUI can be dragged



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run DragLineGUI.m

This demo is modeled after Doug Hull excellent demo @:
but has been revised to work in a file created with GUIDE.
The two lines can be dragged with the mouse and the positions can be passed to the command window by pressing the push button.
It also shows how to pass the GUI handles to the user defined callback functions in the same way GUIDE does.

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I have a problem, i need drag a line in a GUI but using uipanel instead of axis. . .
The name 'WindowButtonUpFcn' is not an accessible property for an instance of
class 'uicontrol'.

I changed .axes1 for .uipanel1

Error in interfazAnotacion>slider1_Callback (line 430)
set(hObject, 'WindowButtonUpFcn',


Thank You Gero Nootz, This is the thing I was looking for :)

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