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FFmpeg Toolbox

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FFmpeg Toolbox


Kesh Ikuma (view profile)


19 Jun 2013 (Updated )

A set of wrapper functions to run FFmpeg directly from Matlab

function ffmpegexe = ffmpegpath
%FFMPEGPAT   Returns the FFMPEG exe path

% Copyright 2013 Takeshi Ikuma
% History:
% rev. - : (05-15-2013) original release
% rev. 1 : (04-23-2014)
%          * If deployed, expect ffmpeg to be found in the app folder or in
%            the system path

if isdeployed()
   ffmpegexe = 'ffmpeg'; % assume ffmpeg executable is in the same folder or in the system path
elseif ispref('ffmpeg','exepath')
   ffmpegexe = getpref('ffmpeg','exepath');
   error('FFMPEG path not set. Run ffmpegsetup first.');

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