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Realterm RS232 comms - serial()-like version

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Use Realterm the way you can using the MATLAB "serial" commands and instrument control toolbox.

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This is a package of files for using Realterm (via ActiveX) almost exactly like you normally would with serial/fread/fprintf etc etc. from the instrument control toolbox - the MATLAB help files more fully explain some of the input/output arguments. rt has been implemented as an hgsetget class, so the same set()/get() and dot notation applies. Properties can be set with case-insensitive and partial matches.

The most significant limitation is that it does not support software flow control as yet.

rtObject = rt(Port, Property/Value pairs)
Create a Realterm activeX control in the same manner as you would with serial(). Property/Value pairs can be in serial() format.


Closes and cleans up

Deletes the object

output = fread(rtObject)
output = fread(rtObject, bytes)
output = fread(rtObject, bytes, precision)
[output, count, message] = fread(...)
Reads up to the number of bytes, or until it times out.

output = fscanf(rtObject)
output = fscanf(rtObject, format)
output = fscanf(rtObject, format, bytes)
[output, count, message] = fscanf(...)
Reads up to the number of bytes, or the terminator, or until it times out.

output = fgets(rtObject)
[output, count, message] = fgets(...)
Reads one line up to the terminator cf fscanf, including the terminator.

output = fgetl(rtObject)
[output, count, message] = fgetl(...)
Reads one line up the terminator cf fscanf, discarding the terminators.

fwrite(rtObject, data)
fwrite(rtObject, data, precision)
Sends a message to an rtObject - see serial/fread for a fuller description of the precision argument

fprintf(rtObject, input, format)
Sends a message to an rtObject, appending on the terminator.

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Add disp method for better serial()-like behaviour, and some small changes to the set/get methods.


Updated description to reflect issues with software flow control.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 8.0 (R2012b)
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Inspired by: Realterm communications suite

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