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Brewing Calculators


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A number of functions for brewers.

OG=brix_to_og( B )
function OG=brix_to_og( B )
% OG=brix_to_og( B )
% Original Specific Gravity from original refractometer Brix
% measurement. Assumes no alcohol. Specific Gravity @ 15C from Degrees Brix
% @ 20C.

%Copyright (c) 2013, Travis Wiens, based on beerlib.c (c) 2003 by Domenick Venezia 
%All rights reserved.
% If you would like to request that this software be licensed under a less
% restrictive license (i.e. for commercial closed-source use) please
% contact Travis at

   OG = 1.000898 + 0.003859118*B + 0.00001370735*B.*B + 0.00000003742517*B.*B.*B;

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