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Ship Hydrostatics and Stability

  • Frahm(t, y, rm)FRAHM Model of a Frahm vibration absorber. It implements the model
  • Maestrale.mMAESTRALE Cross-curves of a Maestrale-type ship.
  • check_intvar.mCHECK_INTVAR Data file that serves to check the function intvar.
  • ellipsoid.mELIIPSOID Plots the upper half of a parametric ellipsoid of rotation
  • call_Frahm.mCALL_FRAHM Calls ODE23 with the derivatives file Frahm. Integrates the model of the
  • inclining.mINCLINING21 Inclining Experiment data for Example 7.1.
  • call_maestrale.mCALL_MAESTRALE Runs Example 10.2, `An application of the wind criterion' of
  • US_Navy2.mUS_NAVY2 US NAvy turning criterion
  • small_cargo.mSMALL_CARGO Data of small cargo ship used in Subsection 7.2.2.
  • US_Navy1.mUS_NAVY1 Explains the application of the US Navy intact stability
  • US_Navy1a.mUS_NAVY1A Explains the application of the US-Navy stability regulations
  • weightcalc.mWEIGHT_CALC MATLAB file that performs weight calculations
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Ship Hydrostatics and Stability


Adrian Biran (view profile)


09 Dec 2003 (Updated )

Companion software for the book "Ship Hydrostatics and Stability".

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Written for undergraduate and graduate-level courses in naval architecture and ocean engineering, this book presents basic and applied hydrostatic and ship stability theory. Also, the text introduces mathematical techniques for hydrostatic modeling and analysis. MATLAB is used throughout the book to solve application examples. A Simulink model of a roll simulation is also included.

Required Products Simulink
MATLAB release MATLAB 6.5 (R13)
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24 Apr 2016 binh le nhat

how to use it?

can you send for me the guidance.

thank you so much.

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12 Apr 2016 Amir Al haiky

Can u send me software by my Email

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23 Oct 2015 Hans Jørgen  
11 Dec 2012 Hung Viet

thank u very much :)

08 May 2008 Didi Taruna

Please send ship software

16 Dec 2007 hesam asil  
14 Dec 2007 khaled warzik

pleace advice me about grain stability form
and trem calculation

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27 Oct 2007 hosein sadeghi  
10 Jul 2007 le bich ngoc  
10 Jan 2007 mahmoud ali

i need all information about ship stability calculations

06 Nov 2006 osman çetin

thanks for works

02 Aug 2006 john larinos  
09 Jul 2006 dedy s dedy a

i need the software for my study at merchant marine academy

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01 Oct 2005 Yuni Ismail


10 Jan 2005 hugo ferreira

25 Oct 2004 Odilon Rodrigues Filho  
16 Mar 2004 Nm 99

It rocks

16 Feb 2004 Ludwig Kelwulan

it's very usefull and powerfull

20 Jan 2004 RONNY RAMONE


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