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Surface blend by linear equations

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A solution for blending surfaces and curves by linear equations.

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Define a system of linear equations from a surface and a curve,to solve this equation,obtained a implicite surface Interpolated the curve and the part of the surface boundary.

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The main idear of this program is substitution a bezier surface s(u,v) into a implicit surface ,use the convolution method.same as the implicitization of Parametric surface.


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Thanks for your advise,the a1.3dm is Rhino3d file format,you can watch the result surface in Rhino3d,maybe the effective code or perfect math is not important in style design,my purpose is make this progress not too slow,and fast to display,then I can modify the surface interactly.

John D'Errico

John D'Errico (view profile)

No help in here. No explanation of how to use it, or even any clear explanation of what it does. As it is, this is just a set of random lines of code, most of which are not that well written.

For example, looking inside, I see the lines:


Perhaps the author should learn how to use the tools already in MATLAB, here for example, eye.m.

Without looking deeply into the code, I don't know if the rest of this loopy code can be improved as trivially. I'll bet it can, but I'm not going to invest that time.

I'd suggest the author learn how to comment their code. Learn how to write adequate help.

John D'Errico

John D'Errico (view profile)


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LX1.m is the main program to solve the equation,LX2.m use iso surface to display,and project points to the surface for file define the control points of bezier surface.MUMA1.mat define the constrains of the boundary,same as define the conunity of bezier surface.
I am not good at math.maybe it is a coincidence for wrong idear but feasible welcome for any questions.

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